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  1. I had the greatest pleasure of meeting Manny . Like most women I was very nervous and never thought about it before ,but this gorgeous man is charming funny and has sexy has hell . Can't wait until I'm in Perth again .without nerves )
    Client J
  2. I was getting more affection and felt love. When Manny started loving me, it was so professional and could not be described. It was uncontrollable emotions, and hunger to do more and more. I was so wrong of the perception of feeling vulnerable. The experience was so fantastic and I want to do it again
    Client G
  3. just wanted to share the experience I had with Manny the Perth escort .The man is a expert and making you lose your mind and body It was a very exciting time has always . I've seen this talented man on a few occasions and he blows me away every time . He is a funny sexy man. so ladies let Manny do what he does best that's make a women feel totally ravished . Thank yo
  4. As soon as we started intercourse, I got carried away and kept on doing for hours I was very satisfied and happy. All of the stress was gone, and I was relaxed physically and mentally. I gave him some extra cash and found it fascinating.
    Client Bec
  5. Manny has all the qualities a woman would need in a man. Right from the looks, grooming, the masculinity and the skills for bringing out the real erotic moments.As soon as we started intercourse, I got carried away and kept on doing for hours I was very satisfied and happy. All of the stress was gone, and I was relaxed physically and mentally.
    Client Lori
  6. Gigolo Manny was so much fun at day as he was at night. We lounged at Scarborough beach, and then went back to the hotel for another dose of intense lovemaking He is a good man with a positive attitude. I am looking forward to another trip to Perth

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"I would definitely hire this hot gigolo again. Sex with a hot guy and no strings attached? That's exactly what I needed and got from him. It was an experience that he made all about me and my pleasure"

This is the first time I’ve written a review for someone I’ve met, but I just had to say how much I enjoyed being in Manny’s company. I’ve met with a couple of male gigolo’s in the past when I have been away on business but Manny is certainly the one I would want to see again. I pride myself on being able to judge a person’s character within the first few minutes of meeting someone and my first impressions of Manny were not wrong.
I like people to be prompt and dressed well and Manny did not disappoint. He arrived just before the arranged time and looked and smelled wonderful. He was dressed smartly and appropriately for the type of place we were going to. He introduced himself and was incredibly genuine and charming. 
He is very good at making you feel relaxed and his personality definitely matched his looks! Manny has a very natural way of making you feel at ease and that you are the only person in the room. I enjoyed his company so much that I quickly forgot he was a gigolo and felt like we had known each other for years.
Manny has impeccable manners and throughout the evening he checked that I was enjoying myself and the conversation never felt awkward or forced. We had a lovely evening and shared many laughs and interesting conversations. Manny was a gentleman and I felt very at ease in his company he is without a doubt the best male gigolo I have ever had the pleasure to spend time with.
As I said before I have never written a review like this before but I just felt I had to say what a charming and caring person Manny was in every aspect of our meeting. I would highly recommend meeting Manny, but in some ways I want to keep him all to myself! Thank you for an incredible night.

Client Natasha
At first, I was really nervous regarding how the erotic date would turn out to be. Having been out of action for a very long time, all I needed was a man who would thoroughly work me out and good gracious this was the man who provided me with the erotic moments. The meeting was held at some city hotel not so far away from my home as I needed someplace that would totally guarantee privacy as well as allowing me to fully enjoy all the eroticism. From my hotel window, I saw this neatly dressed gentleman who really impressed with a perfect and sexy walking style.
The first time I did set my eyes on him while together in the hotel room was a pleasure. Every conversation was a soothing one and I must say I really loved how he handled his part in preparing me for the real action. The body language was really fine and it was what every woman would really wish for. For many males, the notion of romance is often associated with getting physical. It is true that for romance to be enjoyed, some physical moves have to be made though many forget to focus on the mental and psychological aspect. My time with Manny was however a different one and perhaps the best way to describe everything involved would be “erotic and pleasurable fun”. Everything in me, mentally and physically was all perfect. I really loved how he made yearn and groan as if it was all pain only to be left with nothing but more of erotic feeling.

Client Carolyn
“Well, my whole experience was quite thrilling because Manny the expert welcomed me into the world of being a self-conscious female at a very high note.”
"As soon as we got back to the room, endless teasing and kissing
continued followed by undressing. From then I could tell how my night
was going to be"  Becca

Client H
Client Bettina
A modern day marriage:
I'm hoping this review gives you an informative insight about how I got too, and what my first encounter with a male escort was like.
I'm 34 and happily married with two young children, great job & with an awesome circle of friends. So why would I pay to see the Perth gigolo.
After being with the same man for 11year's it got to a point where sex was just a part of routine. It was no longer spontaneous and we both acknowledged the fact that our intimate life was in need of help.
 I did some research and found something I had never tried "Escorts". The more information we obtained I came to a realization that we had been missing out.
I was excited and nervous but sent that first message, it was a lot easier to organize than I anticipated. In a couple of day's we would finally meet for my first ever rendezvous.
My nerves were running so high I thought " I can't do this" It was now time and a couple of deep breathes later I headed down to meet him in the lobby. My first impression was that he was tall, handsome, and polite and matched his webpage profile pictures perfectly.
We chatted casually and shared a few laughs, I was quickly put at ease and was able to relax. Sitting on the couch he began by using his tongue on my neck and my lip's whilst he slipped off my G-string and began to tease and suck my nipples. As I wrapped my leg's around his waist he carried me to the bedroom. I was lost in the moment as we explored each other bodies.
It was a passionate and hot session.  Manny made sure I was being pleasured but my boundaries were respected. A true gentleman.
I felt like I had been thoroughly ravished.
six months ago I would have never considered using this type of service as my views prior to this awesome experience were close minded and rather naive.
It has reignited passion, stronger trust and better communication in my marriage. Would I return for more YES I WOULD.
This was my first time making an appointment with a male escort. It was something I'd always been curious about but never had the courage to do. It seemed like something a man would do and wasn't sure if it was something I'd enjoy. I thought it would be cold and mechanical sex but I was completely wrong. I chose Manny and am really glad I did. He was really hot and looked exactly like his profile pictures. It's obvious he takes pride in himself and makes an effort to look his best. He was also the perfect gentleman; polite, respectful and attentive to my needs. 

I would definitely hire this hot gigolo again. Sex with a hot guy and no strings attached? That's exactly what I needed and got from him. It was an experience that he made all about me and my pleasure. 

Client Abby
As a middle-aged woman, I wanted someone who would keep me company when I visited Perth. After doing my research online, I found a male Escort by the name Manny. When I contacted him, he was more than willing to make my night memorable in the city.
When I checked in the hotel Manny was already there waiting for me. He was so friendly and willing to ensure that we had an amazing night together. My first impression about Manny was that he was very genuine, tall and handsome. After some light moments with him, we decided to go straight to my room.  We chatted for some minutes discussing news and common events. I was impressed on how cool Manny was despite knowing me for such a short time. Of course, he made love to me. He was definitely perfect in bed. I will always call Manny for more escort services.

Client Helen
Well, my whole experience was quite thrilling because Manny the expert escort welcomed me into the world of being a self-conscious female at a very high note. As such, I have not accepted to settle down with men who did not know what they were doing in bed. It was a pleasurable experience on the whole, and any woman out there should try if they want to explore the full extent of their inner womanhood.
Client Vivi
The very best bit of my time with Manny was the fact that I got to
enjoy all of his services with no strings attached. I had a fun- filled
and very relaxing time during my holiday in Bali.
Some maybe skeptical about hiring a male escort when going for a trip,
but what do you stand to lose by hiring one? You get to have unlimited
fun and delightful company. Nobody wants to go for a private trip only
to keep wishing for it to end since you are bored to death. Spark up
your trip and hire a gigolo to keep you company during your trip and you
will definitely not regret it. I took the risk and it payed off in ways
I could not have imagined. I got to make some truly unforgettable
memories. The next time a plan to take a trip, I will certainly not
hesitate to contact  Manny again. His presence is worth every single
cent I spend on him.

Client Tiffany
Sex with him is simply amazing.  When crushing our pelvises together, I could feel the heat from hiѕ fully ereсt penis radiating through his clothes. Our hands and arms moved restlessly aсross our baсks and sides and neсks, taking in eaсh others' shapes in a frenzied tactil adventure. Manny from tonight, you will be my pet, I am in charge LOL