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 If this is the first time of using the services of a male escort , it's understandable if you feel a little bit nervous. Don't hesitate to make contact to put your mind at rest.


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0481 347 830
Mo to Sun 10am - 10pm


I prefer initial contact to be through text message . However, do feel free to call and leave a message and I will call you back at my earliest convenience. Please unblock your number ( I am not answering private or unknown calls and especially not from males) and be sure to leave a number on my message bank that I can call you back on.

You can text openly and honestly to me about how you wish your fantasies to be satisfied. I pride myself on the fact that I am unique and offer a high standard of service, which has been sought after by women looking for companionship without the added pressures associated with dating.
Please read my website carefully because it should answer most of your questions.
However if you wish to go ahead with a booking inquiry, please let me know a little about yourself . Share with me your interests and desires, so we can start exploring each other. Please also include what date, city, and length of time you have in mind.

Out Calls only !
Men, Guys, Blokes: To clarify again, I do have no interest to entertain men . Also for all the gentlemen who consider to become male escorts, please conduct your own research. I am not an agency which means I do not employ anyone. Thank you

Frequently asked questions

 Before you get in touch, please make sure you have read my entire site, and answered any of your own questions beforehand. Sending a text message is the best way of contacting me and an ideal way for you to introduce yourself.

  1. I have never used a male escort service before and I'm nervous about contacting you?
    This is quite common and very normal. If you would prefer, we can simply exchange a couple of text messages for a period of time before we speak on the telephone (only with caller id). I must reassure you that I am a total professional and I will quickly put your mind at ease. I will never ask you embarrassing questions and I will gently guide you through the booking process.
  2. Why are there no full facial photographs of you on this site?
    My regular clients understand how seriously I take their privacy, I too value discretion and privacy as a service provider in this industry. Therefore I will never distribute or advertise my services with full face pictures. Having said, I am confident that the photos shown on my site, do give a great indication of my looks. Also from a client’s perspective…. Spending time with me as a male escort in public, would you not feel more comfortable knowing that I do not have adverts with face pictures on the internet?
  3. What type of women do you like?
    My personal favorite... Mature Ladies Age 40 to 60 . Why? A good conversation is one of those things we tend to take for granted until we haven’t had one in a while. Great conversation skills are something that younger women often lack, not so much because they’re women, but mostly because they’re young. Mature women have more interesting stories and more experience, and that makes them better conversationalists. They know what they want ! And of course they know what they want when it comes in trying different positions, techniques and even fetishes..
  4. Can we meet briefly for a drink first?
    Sure, but the rates for my time remain the same. That would be considered an arrangement of time with me, and I would have to be given my normal donation for that time spent. Also, please don't try to negotiate with me; I find it offensive and will end all communication immediately
  5. Why are your rates so high?
    Perth Gigolo is a professional, high-class and discrete Male Escort Service based in Perth. My prices are more than some and less than others. I pride myself on the fact that am unique and offer a high standard of service, which has been sought after by women looking for companionship without the added pressures associated with dating. It's all about quality and not the quantity.
  6. Do you do half-hour short sessions?
    I don’t offer dates shorter than 1 Hour, as I feel there is just not enough time for you to relax and settle in. These sessions are about being able to give you the time to fully move into relaxation and let go. If you wish to experience a great level of intimacy, it is essential to spend plenty of time in exploring each other. I therefore suggest a booking of at least 2 hours to let this pleasurable moment to be happening.
  7. Is there something you dislike?
    Yes, calls from SEO companies, telemarketers, guys who want to become male escorts, people who ask for pictures ( plenty on my site here). And of course wannabe male escorts who think that it is OK to copy content from my website to describe themselves. I have zero tolerance for copycats. Besides that, I am pretty open minded and patient.
  8. Do you kiss?
    Of course. In short, no kissing no good sex. Kissing is foreplay, which means it's essential. Kissing all parts of a woman's body will eventually take the sex up to a much higher level.
  9. What if after using the services we run into each other in the future?
    Relax, other than giving you a smile (which I do to everyone) I'd walk on by as if we had never met, unless of course you initiated contact then I'd happily say hello. Likewise I would never phone or contact you unless asked to do so. It's not that I didn't enjoy your company, more than likely you were fantastic; it's just that I wouldn't want to put you in an embarrassing or awkward situation. My service is professional and discreet. Your secret is safe with me.
Why have I chosen this profession?
Simply put, I adore women.
I am a dedicated romantic, and am committed to your pleasure and happiness when we are together. I am the loyal and attentive companion you desire when you need me, and conveniently absent when you don't. On our engagements the only people who will know of our arrangement is you and I.
Every woman has something special about her, and I intend to enjoy every moment with you.
Just like men, women come in all sizes, proportions and appearances. In point-of-fact , the person 'inside' you is one that I look toward such as having an engaging smile, romantic persona, easy laugh, common sense and a down-to-earth mannerism... THAT... is what makes you irresistible.
More short answers
Do you cater for men?
NO ! I'm 100% straight and have no interest in entertaining men at all.

Who pays for dinner, transport, tickets or similar costs?
Its will be my clients responsibility for any costs incurred during our meeting.

Where do you offer your services?
I am based Perth and my services are countrywide. I am available for international assignments should my client so wish, however, I would require a period of notice if this trip is going to be long-haul.

Do you offer Role Plays?
Perhaps you are a single woman with a craving to be dominated by a handsome Master? Or do you prefer to have the ‘table’ turned to develop your dominant capabilities? You will be impressed by my willingness to please.Whatever your desires are, I can help to bring them to life for you. Anything else.... just ask

How to become a male escort here in Perth?
Becoming a male escort is not easy. Most guys think you just wake up one morning and then you become an escort. You got it all wrong, to become a gigolo, you need to think about so many things before making up your mind.  Familiar with the industry for many years, I am not ready or willing to teach people how to become an escort. This is something you need to learn on your own. There are no 101 lessons or classes teaching you how to become one.
That fact that I have no interest in teaching guys how to become an escort does not mean that I am a bad person. It simply means that I am helping you. Although males bother me constantly to get them into this business, there is simply nothing to teach.
All you need is to get out there and learn while in the business. It’s either you got the skills or you don’t (which means it is more important to have a strong mind than a super weapon between the legs).

When you plan to join the male escort business, be ready for anything. This is because as a male escort, the clients who contact you can be either looking for a transgender, a female, or a fellow male. Therefore, you need to be very precise regarding the services that you will be offering, this being one of the main reasons why I cannot teach you how to become one     ( In my case I date women only ).

Secondly, I do not want to be judged. With this kind of work, you get to do many unbelievable things. The things that I have done or will do in the future have paid my bills. Therefore, I find them to be more personal to me. Sharing them with a male escort wannabe is not an option.

Competition is another reason why I do not intend on sharing any knowledge regarding my work.  Female escorts have more advantage over us male escorts in this business. This is because there are more clients for them than they are for us. In this business, there are fewer clients for every male escort. Hence, maintaining my clients is the key. Teaching you will mean taking some of my vital clients. To be honest, I do not intend to lose them.

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