Male Escort Review


Ever since I split with my boyfriend of 8 years a few months back, I have been in a “funk”, of sorts. Not because I particularly want him back, but I have always feared being alone; I suppose it’s because most girls share a similar fear. Now, if you had asked me if I ever thought I would be the type to see a GIGOLO, I might have laughed in your face. I’ve never felt assertive and that seems like something only “strong” women are capable of doing. I never would have had the nerve to do anything along those lines, period. I suppose I did it for the same reasons any other woman would do it, too; my friend from work saw a male escort and raved about it. I thought “Wow. How can you degrade yourself and then go bragging about it?” Now, here I am to talk about my experience. How things change…

So I had been thinking about what she had told me about it. How she was super nervous and felt way too inexperienced for a gigolo, but he went at her pace and made her feel sexy and safe; I began to realize I had more in common with her than I originally thought. I could relate to the helpless feeling, and having a “professional” lead seemed appealing because I thought to myself, “I could do that.”

Fast forward to the weekend; I’m sitting in an empty motel room in Perth over with a business card I got from my friend working on my third glass of wine, trying to muster the courage to dial. Something inside me finally said “Screw it. It’s been months since anybody has even touched me. I’ll never see this guy again.” I picked up the phone and dialed. My heart raced when the voice on the other line answered… Manny was his name. He was very friendly and professional on the phone. I don’t quite remember how the conversation went because my heartbeat was louder than his voice, but what I gathered was he would arrive within an hour or less.

I remember staring at myself in the mirror wondering what the hell I was thinking, and then wondering if I was dressed “sexy” enough for him. I went to touch up my makeup and try and calm down before he got there. By the time the door knocked, I had downed two more glasses of wine but because of my nerves, I was stone cold sober. I nervously invited him in and offered him a glass of wine, he politely declined and introduced himself as Manny, taking my hand up to his lips and kissing it. I was in awe; he was perhaps the tallest man I’d ever seen, at least 6’2”, and nicely built. His eyes exuded a confidence which I found irresistibly arousing and I could feel myself beginning to soak my underwear as he took my hand and slow-danced with me to the music I had been playing softly on my phone. I decided enough was enough and I leaned in and kissed him. He responded by lifting me and wrapping my legs around him and walking me to the bed. From there he put me on the bed, hiked up my dress, pulled off my dripping wet panties, and used his mouth in such a way that you would think he invented the vagina.

Even though I was nervous because of how fast things were moving, his enthusiasm put me at ease and after a few minutes, I came so hard it made me dizzy. As soon as I did, he came up and kissed me on my mouth and positioned himself between my legs. He pulled his pants down and my heart raced even further but I could not move, I could only watch in disbelief at the circumstances. He put on a condom without being asked, which was nice, and he began working his way into me. He was MUCH bigger than what I was used to. I wouldn’t say it was painful… but I definitely felt an unfamiliar stretch. Without going into too much detail, suffice it to say, I had no idea how flexible I was. He handled me like a rag doll and completely had his way with me. I can’t even remember how long it lasted but I remember being impressed with his energy.

We finished up and got dressed with smiles on our faces, chatted for a few minutes about how it was my first time. He asked me about my goals, listened, and offered solid advice on what direction to take my schooling. After a while, I walked him out to his truck with his hand in mine, and then I gave him his payment. He kissed me softly on the lips, and told me it was “an absolute pleasure”.

It’s been a week and I still think about how incredible I felt. Seeing a “professional” did wonder for my confidence and it really turned my perspective around. Just because my last guy didn’t do anything to make me feel sexy and intriguing does not mean I should base my own self-worth accordingly.  Gigolo Manny showed me that life is too short to stay in your comfort zone forever. This single experience has changed my entire perspective and I feel like I’m much more ready to live life now. Thank you Manny.



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