More women nowadays prefer to fulfill their fantasies through engaging male escorts. This is mainly because in such engagements there are no strings attached and there no limitation. Therefore such women get the opportunity to get exactly what they want and in the way they want it. Furthermore, most modern women do not have time to go through the traditional dating process and as a result they prefer the more convenient male escorts. As a male escort I am totally dedicated to ensuring that all my female clients are optimally satisfied. This is why most of my clients always come back because they know I am amongst the best in fulfilling their sensual desires.

It is an open secret that almost all women like being with men who are in control and know what they are doing. This means that most women enjoy being dominated by the men they are with mainly because men are viewed as stronger. This includes sensual domination where a woman can give almost anything to get a man who knows what he is doing. Since I understood this, I have perfected the art of sensual domination towards my female clients. Some of the tactics I apply are natural but others I had to learn and practice.

To be perfect in sensually dominating my female clients I start by ensuring that I have high self-esteem. This is an important thing because I am always sure of what to do and when to do it. As a result, my female clients get to believe in me where they let me take control. The importance of this is further enhanced by that men who do not have self-esteem are seen as a weaker. Therefore, I make sure I do things in a sure manner without being shy or showing characteristics which might make my female clients think I am not sure of what I am doing.

As a way of ensuring my clients enjoy the sensual domination they come looking for I also treat all the clients with respect. This is important because any woman who feels disrespected by a man usually does not enjoy the company of the particular man. I take time to listen to my clients and engage them in interesting conversations. To achieve this I ensure I am well enlightened and updated about different topics which women are known to like talking about. I also respect my clients’ boundaries and rules. If a client tells me she does not like something, I usually avoid doing what she does not like to ensure she is not irritated. Through this respect, my women clients get the feeling of being with a man who understands and cares. Consequently, the women feel free to open up to me and let me take control.

I have also come to learn the art of following my female clients’ leads even without asking. This means that I give my clients what they want without them necessary directly requesting. This is an important aspect in my line of work mainly because some women are shy when it comes to intimate issues. Because of this I ensure I read facial expressions and body language to know what my clients want. I always make sure I am careful to avoid misinterpreting some body languages or facial expressions. This is a perfect female domination technique because my female clients get to enjoy their wildest fantasies without having to say some of the things which might be embarrassing.



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