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Featured Perth Escort – Manny

Manny has been involved in the adult industry for about 20 years now, spending the last seven working as a male escort in Perth. Knowing the ins and outs of the business has served him well in building a reputation as one of the best solo providers for women. His entrance into escorting was somewhat accidental, after being in the right place at the right time. An establishment catering to men received a call from a potential client; the only catch was this was a female client looking for a male escort. Rather than turn away business, Manny was offered the chance to give it a try.

“The receptionist came to the Madam and said ‘Look I just had a lady ring, she wants a male escort,’ and they wanted a service for the client,” recalls Manny. “The Madam just made the job and said ‘How about you go?’”

Raring to go, the fifteen-minute drive out of Perth to the client’s house was long enough for reality to set in. “My mood suddenly changed, all the cockiness and being confident was pretty much down the drain,” he remembers. Fortunately for Manny, his first client was a lovely divorcee who went on to become a regular. “She didn’t want sex the first night. I was set, I got plenty to eat, we watched a movie and I stayed for four hours. It was nice.”

Manny’s services are strictly for women, and are not offered to couples or men. He describes his ideal demographic as being women between 35 and 50 years of age. “That’s the client that I frankly would prefer,” he says. For his clients, he views his maturity is a selling point. “I believe it works for the client’s benefit because once they get to know me, they usually feel quite secure and comfortable.”

His background in adult services is just one thing that sets him apart from other providers. “Knowing the industry for quite a long time is one thing,” he says. “The other thing is I look after myself, I provide a very classy service. You deal with an educated professional, who speaks several languages. You deal with a mature person.”

When reading through inquiries from young men looking to start escorting, Manny says it’s almost meaningless that they’re well endowed. “You need an incredibly strong mind,” Manny explains, “Which is so much more important than what you have between your legs.” Connecting with the client and breaking the ice are integral to the success of an escort in any booking.

“It’s important to spend a little bit of time together, talking and making sure the other person giggles a little bit, to break the ice and then have a good time,” Manny says. Rather than taking your chances on the bloke you pick up at a bar, Manny’s expert advice is to seek out an expert in all things sex and seduction. “If they get the urge or desire to have a bit of a good time, it’s far better to go a professional; no strings attached, and no drama. Sometimes it’s much easier to ring up and not have the difficulties or hassles which might face you if you go out to a pub or a nightclub.”

In terms of ideal clients, Manny’s rather easy going – as long you don’t try to stalk him. “What I like is a person who is down to earth, who is just being lovely, just normal,” he says. “I can’t say I’ve had to deal with any ratbags!”

In his spare time, Manny enjoys the practice of martial arts and working on his physical fitness. He also frequents the beautiful Perth beaches for a morning run and a swim. When you contact him, initiate with a text message as it is highly preferable. 
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