Reverse cowgirl
This is another famous position. It's one which occupies a favourite place in the fantasy lives of many men, one which allows a man to adopt a rather more submissive attitude in sex. If you like to take a more relaxed position as your partner rides you from time to time, then this is ideal for you. There's no challenge in getting into the position as long as the woman holds her partner's penis as she inserts it into her vagina, and there's nothing difficult about it - the excitement lies in the fact that it's a perfect way to reverse roles, to give the woman the opportunity to control the speed, rhythm, and pace of sex, and to allow the man to relax as he enjoys the attention of his partner.

Head to head
Although many men like the missionary position more than any other, it's worth trying this variation, which can provide a whole new range of different sensations. The woman takes more control of sex when she is on top, and again, as with the reverse cowgirl, the man can relax and "let it all happen" as he savors the site of his partner moving on top of him.

Lap dancing
Again, this is not a technically difficult position, but it is a highly enjoyable one, since the couple can kiss and caress, the man can touch his partner's breasts, and she can move in whatever way gives them both most pleasure. Like all positions where the woman has the dominant role, this one enables her to move in the way that best stimulates her clitoris and G spot.

The cowgirl
In our view, this is a more exciting version of the Reverse Cowgirl shown above, in that the partners can look at each other as they make love, and the woman has greater flexibility of movement - she can move forwards or backwards to find the angle of her body that gives them both most pleasure.



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