The wheelbarrow

A well-known position, but one which a man may find is more suited to fantasy than reality! It takes considerable strength and skill to support your partner like this while you penetrate her, and if you drop her you run a severe risk of damaging your penis! Only recommended for strong couples with a great deal of stamina, and perhaps also where the woman is of slight build. Once you're in this position, you can thrust powerfully or gently, helped by your partner if she wraps her legs around your waist.

The forward bend

This is a position which occupies a lot of time in most men's minds! Many men are highly aroused by women's bottoms, so the prospect of making love in this position can be extremely exciting. Of course, sex in a standing position like this can be fast and furious, which may add to the excitement, and it allows a man to express his most fundamental sexual urges: this position may even be the most powerful expression of male sexuality! Men love penetrating a woman from behind, and seeing their penis moving in and out of her body as they do so. Since this also allows deep thrusting and lets a man control the movements during sex, it's not hard to see why it's such a favourite! For a woman, the excitement can come from knowing she is arousing her man to such an extent, or from the sheer lustfulness of the sex, which can be liberating for a woman if she has inhibitions or is slightly shy. This can be a very exciting position for spontaneous sex, especially if the woman teases the man beforehand, perhaps by no wearing any underwear, so he can throw her skirt over her back and take her from behind!

The totem pole

Again, a position which is ideal for strong couples,  or those where the woman is slight of build. The man must be careful as he lifts the woman and guides her onto his erect penis, for if she slips while his erection is inside her, there is a risk of a snapped penis, which will be bloody painful! Nonetheless, if the man is strong enough to comfortably support his partner, this can be an exciting position because it is so unusual. The man's ability to thrust is limited, but he can gain movement if his partner's bottom is resting on, say, a table or some other suitable object. Alternatively, he can grasp his partner's buttocks as he moves her back and forth on his penis.



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