I’ve never been in love with another man other than my husband. I’m turning 52 this year. However, I wanted to experience what sex is like with different man. It was foreign to me. Since I wasn’t interested in drunken encounter with a strange guy at the pub, I decided to get a guy from an escort agency.

The D-day came around like a flash of lightning. I became terrified with every second our date grew closer. I withdrew cash from the ATM & sat around my flat panicking. I turned the music on then turned it off again. I paced my room wondering what exactly to expect & felt out of my depth completely.

At exactly 8 in the evening, he buzzed my flat. My stomach churned & I was checking myself in the mirror madly. Why would a male escort care how I looked like? He was doing his work. Hello. However, I still wanted to feel and look sexy, I wanted experience that would completely change me. And it did.

He knocked on my door a couple of times. I froze, and went right into autopilot. I used to wear heart on my sleeve; however that night I chose to forget my heart, I wanted confidence pills. He came into my apartment carrying a shoulder bag as well as an air of nervousness, peculiar considering the fact that he was the expert. I got the money issue sorted out first, which was a little bit awkward. I blushed as continued counting it back.

I felt like being conned. I was offering this guy my body and paying him! We had exactly two hours where I presumed we will have sex and then he will leave. It did not work like that. We spent the first hour chatting, drinking and smoking (only me) on my balcony. It was a cold night & I remember him putting his coat around me, I immediately felt comfortable. I inquired about his previous customers and how many ladies call to have company. He said that he did the job only on the side to earn extra money. This was fascinating.

As I was drinking, I kissed him. He apologized, saying he ought to have been the one to kiss me as our date was becoming just about talk instead of real sex. Since I gave him the money when he entered, I expected SEX. Well, I just needed my money’s worth in the least. Well, I could have purchased a designer’s bag with the money.

By now I expected that he could have lifted me and gave most intense orgasm of my life but unfortunately no that did not happen. He was kind, slow & made me feel at ease. He did not push me or hurried me, even though we were limited by time and he could not stay the whole night (much to my dissatisfaction) I felt as if this precious moment would continue forever. I felt like I got stuck in limbo as he caressed my body. I felt like a young girl becoming a woman. For once I felt more than ready to have real sex after decades of marriage.

As we were having sex, I felt alive again and like a heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders. Something strange happened, though. I never felt any connection to that guy. I just enjoyed that feeling of having sex with a young and energetic man. It reminded me of my husband’s hay days. It thrilled me.

As soon as we were through, he disappeared in the bathroom, & as I covered my naked body with the blanket, I felt lucky. Not so much that I had my first sexual experience with a professional gigolo but rather it was not awkward and I really enjoyed it. I had somebody who was there to attend to my needs. I’ll never regret this decision. Perth Gigolo Manny was the right choice for me.

Katy D. for perthgigolo.com



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