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I received this review tonight. Thank you very much "H"
A modern day marriage:

I'm hoping this review gives you an informative insight about how I got too, and what my first encounter with a male escort was like.

Let's go:
I'm 34 and happily married with two young children, great job & with an awesome circle of friends. So why would I pay to see the Perth gigolo.

It's like this:
After being with the same man for 11year's it got to a point where sex was just a part of routine. It was no longer spontaneous and we both acknowledged the fact that our intimate life was in need of help.

Spice it up:
We did some research and found something we had never tried "Escorts". The more information we obtained we came to a realization that we had been missing out.

First contact:
I was excited and nervous but sent that first message, it was a lot easier to organize than I anticipated. In a couple of day's we would finally meet for my first ever rendezvous.

The big day:
My nerves were running so high I thought " I can't do this" It was now time and a couple of deep breathes later I headed down to meet him in the lobby.
My first impression was that he was tall, handsome, and polite and matched his webpage profile pictures perfectly.

Doing the deed:
We chatted casually and shared a few laughs, I was quickly put at ease and was able to relax. Sitting on the couch he began by using his tongue on my neck and my lip's whilst he slipped off my G-string and began to tease and suck my nipples. As I wrapped my leg's around his waist he carried me to the bedroom. I was lost in the moment as we explored each other bodies.

It was a passionate and hot session.  Manny made sure I was being pleasured but my boundaries were respected. A true gentleman.

I felt like I had been thoroughly ravished.

Final Thought's
six months ago I would have never considered using this type of service as my views prior to this awesome experience were close minded and rather naive.

It has reignited passion, stronger trust and better communication in my marriage. Would I return for more YES I WOULD.



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