“It was never my intention to ever pay for sex, it just came around and things changed very fast from what it had been. All I wanted at first was company and nothing else.

Things for Anna started a long time ago to reach the stage it now has become. Being divorced with two children of who are both adults things dint always seem fair to the beautiful lady but the problem as she puts it was her career as a finance manager.” At first I started with my neighbor a very good gentleman by the name of John. Although he had a girlfriend he was my friend and I wanted to go to the office party but I did not want to go alone. So I asked him for a favor to accompany me and when he agreed, I was thrilled. Besides he was everything I wanted in a man, charming, intelligent, and handsome and in the same line of work as I was.”

This however as she states was harmless and fun at first, but the reality that John had a girlfriend and with time he would get tired with accompanying her as a “special” friend to the occasions will soon come. Pouring her frustrations to her friends on a night out, one in particular pulled her aside and revealed her secret to her. She was head of human resource department in her company and that the man she has around her arms is an escort whom she pays to do everything for her, from accompanying her to events to giving her a good time in bed.

I was in shock and out of words; I couldn’t believe that the perfect couple was nothing but a sham. “I told her straight on that I couldn’t do it. The thought of paying someone for a night out and then for sex was UN-tasteful and really disturbing, but what surprised me even more was that she only smiled and said when I’m ready I should call her”

After the girls night out Anna could not think of anything else but what her friend had told her. Going a step further she searched the internet and the truth is that she did find scores of websites giving escort services to women like her, successful, middle aged and lonely for a price.

“Within a week I called my friend and talked to her about it. She told me of how embarrassed she was that she planned office parties and other functions and she always ends up “being busy “on the said night all because she was alone. Hiring was the only thing she could do to get respect from her peers in the company.

Understanding her point of view I asked her to hook me up but not for sex but company. The night came pretty fast, she continues” I was nervous and embarrassed, what if he was ugly, what if he was anti-social or worse still spill my secret to everyone? Is all I could think of”.

Fortunately when Peter walked in the room all her worries faded away as he was the same age, charming and even better looking than John?” He was friendly and very professional, we quickly caught of details and he reassured me not to worry. The 42 year old finance manager had decided to try her friend’s way of getting a date for the night and he sure was worth the $400 per hour she was paying for.” At the function i introduced him as my friend, No one thought about anything and he fetched me everything I asked for and was conversational about every topic.

“You could think it was true we had known each other for years” as soon as we left the party I knew that I had to come back to reality. When I went to shake hand with him and tell him thanks at my door he leaned forward to kiss me. “I was shocked and disturbed, this was not what I wanted but my body was not resisting in any way” Leading the way into my bedroom, he told me of what my friend had requested on my behalf and all I had to do was relax. “The night was wonderful, I was happy and I gave him $1000 more in the morning and that is when I started paying escorts for sex, even when I had no function to attend. Do I regret it? No! Will I be stopping anytime soon? No! As you can see I have never been happier.

Finishing” I am grateful to my friend for introducing me to the world of male escorts and any career woman who is lacking a man in her life, don’t wait hire an escort and get the ride of your life”.

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