Generally speaking it is oft thought that men are the gender that are always thinking, insinuating and looking for sex. The argument is neither here nor there scientifically because different people have different cycles and thinking patterns. This argument is often touted about because as far back as history can recall most societies in the world have been patriarchal and sex is very strongly linked to the power structure of a society. It is a cliché school of thought that has come to be believed explicitly without question even in this age where such concepts should be challenged. It is therefore a surprise to some when the emerging trend of women increasingly engaging escorts to satisfy their sexual needs has spread and been exposed.

Still another cliché is that fidelity is breached by the men in marriages most of the time. The reality of the matter is that in the current social setup both parties in marriages cheat for different reasons and the days of men cheating more than women are surely in the past. As women have become bolder and the movements to free and enlighten the girl child have flourished with older candidates who benefited from it, many things considered taboo long ago are no longer such. Everything men did before and got away with women are indulging in, no boundaries are left uncrossed and that applies even to sex.

Sex is a huge pillar in marriages and many a marriage has either flourished or broken down due to this factor. People can be wholly compatible in their dreams, ambitions, class and educational terms but at times a factor like the quality and regularity of the sex involved can prove to be the deal breaker. Many stories have been peddled that men cheat because their wives refuse to indulge their dark fantasies in the bedroom and as such it is the woman’s fault for not satisfying the husband. Theses get out of jail free cards have now started to be handed out to women who cheat too, the excuse? They simply are not getting enough sex in their marriages and every woman needs to be taken care of physically as well as emotionally and materially.

Male escorts a few decades back were not so prominent; gigolos as they are called have not suddenly appeared on the face of the earth, they have been around, just not as prominent as they are in the current social world. There is an emergent class of women who are very happily married and in very productive relationships with their partners but are still using male escorts to satisfy their needs. The reason is not that they are expressly unhappy with their partner in any way; the reason is the frustration stemming from the lack of intercourse in the marriage. Partners might be too busy for each other, travel too much, work odd hours or are simply not in the mood anymore and it is frustrating married women who thought life as a married woman would include many sexual benefits.

There are women who save themselves for their husbands, not that they do not have any cravings and temptations but the fact that they think that once they are married to ‘the right one’ then they can let loose and enjoy the benefits of having sex with one partner. They quickly realize that this is not the case when reality envelopes their real life and they do not get nearly as much sex as they were anticipating. What to do? At first it seems like a very outward idea but they try it once and soon warm to it, the male escort industry is booming.

The key to understanding this phenomena is not to try and understand it at all, the more liberated women have become, the more the various possibilities open to them have been exploited, one of those possibilities are male escorts. Some are introduced by their friends, some learn of the services via the internet ( like perthgigolo.com) and some aggressively look for energetic and able men whom they pay to ravish them, or satisfy their wants . It is not that foreign a concept but it is a concept being taken to the next level, welcome to the 21st century.



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