Most people wonder why women hire and pay for sex while they can get it for free from male friends or from other connections. It is not only men who have needs, yes we women have them too, and that is why we too can go ahead and get a male escort. You will be every wrong thinking that women hire male escorts for sex, they do it more for companionship and passion. You will be surprised to know that those women do not get orgasm every time they meet these escorts for sex. Below are the main reasons why female hire male escorts:

In many cases women hire male escorts when their husbands concentrate so much in making money other than making love to them. Wives to very rich men in most cases are the ones who approach male escorts, because their husbands are very busy working on money deals and never having time satisfy their needs. These women become desperate for sex but cannot get it from friends or family for security issues, hence the only solution is a male escort because they never reveal client’s details making it very secure.

Rich ladies travel away from home for business or other reasons most of the times. While on these trips they need relaxation from stressing issues they are undergoing and company because of boredom and these calls for a male escort.

Women whose husbands work away from home and visit home once or twice a year also hire male escorts. This is because they lack a man figure in the house and at the same time they suffer boredom because they are alone in the house most of the time. Hiring these male escorts is the only sure and secure way to relax and satisfy their sexual needs.

A divorcee and widow will to hire a male escort because they are lonely and want to feel a manly figure in the house from time to time.

Some women have sexual fantasies which their husbands will never allow, for example, anal and oral sex. It is for these reason they will hire male escorts because they will get all they have been fantasizing about.

Some women hire male escorts for revenge, when they find out that their husbands or boyfriends are cheating on them with other women, they hire these males as a way of revenge. This happens if they do not have any friend or relative they can trust and use for revenge against husbands cheating.

If a woman does not have a boyfriend or a husband and still a virgin and wants to lose it, they consider hiring a male escort for that purpose. This sounds unrealistic but it is very much happening. When all friends of the lady are having boyfriends and enjoying sex, she will feel lonely and out of place hence hire a male escort for sex too.

Sex is believed as an aid to weight loss, women who want to lose weight but cannot follow dieting rules end up hiring male escorts for that purpose.



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