Hello Yellow Pages

I am not interested in any advertising campaigns. There is no need to ring me every day. No means no.

Medispa Perth –  Sales Rep

Just when you think it can't get any worse, it can….

Had this phone conversation with a sales rep that represents Dr Anh Plastic Surgery, Medispa and Wellness Centre in Perth.

Sales rep: Hi, I don’t need your services but I have something for you.
Me:  Ok what is it?
Sales rep: You need to look good and fresh when working in the sex industry
Me:  Sure
Sales rep: Have you heard about Dr. Anh?
Me: No
Sales rep: She is famous in Perth. Best breast implants and plenty of other treatments
Me: Other treatments?
Sales rep: Fillers, Botox, Laser, IV Vitamins and more
Me: Costs?
Sales Rep: We are not cheap, you get a top service here….. Not like some Asian place. Plus you get a $15 discount for referrals.  ( Hello Sales Rep, have you met your employer yet?  She is Asian)

Me: OK, what’s the deal with the IV Vitamins?
Sales Rep: That’s the most amazing thing. I have had my first session and I am feeling good and energetic. I will have another session shortly.
Me:  What’s with a blood test or health check prior the vitamin injection?
Sales Rep: No test needed
Me: What happens if my vitamin levels are perfectly fine? Getting an overload of vitamins and minerals can perhaps hurt me.

Sales Rep: Nothing to worry at all.  Just drink loads of water and flush them out of the system.
(So why paying top dollars for Vitamins if I should flush them out of my system?)

Congratulations for being the numb nut of the month!



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