The human sexuality has always been the subject of discussion in magazines, online adult shops and other forums and there are always different debates and arguments concerning the human sexual behavior and how men and women perceive certain acts in their life. While the society keeps on changing in fashion, culture and ideologies, certain things have remained unchanged and this involves how some religion perceive and base their ideological believes towards human sexuality. It is basically clear that majority of women enjoy being dominated in bed though some may argue that they enjoy taking the leading role. The fantasies of submission are always seen as the ultimate goals of being overly desirable according to a recent research.

The fascination of role play scenarios has in the recent times captured the headlines this year especially after the release of 50 Shades of Grey. Many people perceive things according to the trending acts in the society and now many people are seriously being moved by the take on human sexuality and the ideas of role play. Research indicates that there are no fantasies that exist between strong aggressive men. Those that exist in their minds are those of strong showcase of desires. This indicates the reasons why it is easier for women to play the submissive role than over dominating the man. The research concluded that the woman body does not explicitly deny or show possibilities of arousal but the man’s body is easily aroused. In this case, the fantasies of submission in women are always extreme in the sexual partners. It dwells in their body as a sexual desire and this makes the reason why many women will always love to be dominated in bed.

Fantasies in men starts when they are into it and will automatically end when they are done. This may be a wrong perception sending the women desires to jeopardy since they too want to share their kinky side. This has always been a notion overly preached in the Hollywood movies and some of the adult movies. Many women will enjoy more when a man dominates since the man is given that appealing and masculine nature to turn her from an angel to that wild and aroused being in bed. It is a formula that simply meets all their desires causing them to enjoy and get the most romantic and satisfactorily needs. Looking at the fascination of role play, sometimes women may want to take the dominance and showcase that indeed they have wild desires that they can simply fulfill to their men but not all cultures may welcome the move.

Women enjoy being dominated because this makes them enjoy their feminine nature and make them look innocent and “angel like” unlike openly showcasing what they can simply do. Since the 50 Shades of Grey, things have taken some slight changes.  I have been getting plenty of inquiries about role play sex.
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