Becoming a male escort is not easy. Most guys think you just wake up one morning and then you become an escort. You got it all wrong, to become a gigolo, you need to think about so many things before making up your mind.  Familiar with the industry for many years, I am not ready or willing to teach people how to become an escort. This is something you need to learn on your own. There are no 101 lessons or classes teaching you how to become one.

That fact that I have no interest in teaching guys how to become an escort does not mean that I am a bad person. It simply means that I am helping you. Although males bother me constantly to get them into this business, there is simply nothing to teach. All you need is to get out there and learn while in the business. It’s either you got the skills or you don’t (which means it is more important to have a strong mind than a super weapon between the legs).

You can start by contacting various agencies. They are available both online and at their offices. These agencies are willing to advise you about the skills and knowledge that you require in this business.

Consequently, when you plan to join the male escort business, be ready for anything. This is because as a male escort, the clients who contact you can be either looking for a transgender, a female, or a fellow male. Therefore, you need to be very precise regarding the services that you will be offering, this being one of the main reasons why I cannot teach you how to become one ( In my case I date women only ).

Secondly, I do not want to be judged. With this kind of work, you get to do many unbelievable things. The things that I have done or will do in the future have paid my bills. Therefore, I find them to be more personal to me. Sharing them with a male escort wannabe is not an option.

Competition is another reason why I do not intend on sharing any knowledge regarding my work.  Female escorts have more advantage over us male escorts in this business. This is because there are more clients for them than they are for us. In this business, there are fewer clients for every male escort. Hence, maintaining my clients is the key. Teaching you will mean taking some of my vital clients. To be honest, I do not intend to lose them.

Finally, you should be very keen when searching for a male escort agency. This is because most agencies are not legitimate. This means as a new male escort, you can easily be swindled your money instead of making money. This has happened to very many gullible male escorts wannabes.



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