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Questions & Answers by Male Escort Manny

What's  your sexual orientation?

My Sexual orientation is heterosexual, and that is not negotiable. Any guys reading these please don’t waste your time writing or calling as your messages will not be returned.
Otherwise, I am extremely broadminded and any fantasies or desires are unlikely to shock me, I understand that many ladies have sexual fantasies that long time partners are unable or unwilling to fulfil. You may even be in a relationship where talking about such matters is not possible.
This is your chance to make those fantasies a reality.
I am also well aware that more and more women are successful and busy in their chosen careers, something sometimes has to give and that may well be a long term relationship. We all need a bit of company when we are far from home or working late, if I can provide some fun for you during your stay in Perth then that's fantastic

What type of woman do you like?
My personal favorite... Mature Ladies  Age 40 to 60 . Professional, friendly, well-mannered ladies who want only the best and appreciate the finer things in life. Whilst I love a great sense of humor I don't mind if you are shy, as long as you appreciate that I'm not

Why have I chosen this profession?
Simply put, I adore women. I am a dedicated romantic, and am committed to your pleasure and happiness when we are together. I am the loyal and attentive companion you desire when you need me, and conveniently absent when you don't. On our engagements the only people who will know of our arrangement is you and I.

I love women of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Every woman has something special about her, and I intend to enjoy every moment with you.

Why are you rates so high?
I believe that quality has a price. My wish is to provide companionship to women who have thought about this and have decided that they truly wish to explore this realm. These rates allow me to accept only a small number of dates and to provide my dates with the level of attention that they both deserve and expect.

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What's  An Out Call Service?
I visit you at your residence, hotel, motel or venue of your choice. My service is for your pleasure and satisfaction and to achieve this I'm sure you will be more relaxed and comfortable in surroundings familiar to you
Why are there no full facial photographs of you on this site?
My regular clients understand how seriously I take their privacy, I too value discretion and privacy as a service provider in this industry.  Therefore I will never distribute or advertise my services with full face pictures.  Having said, I am confident that the photos shown on my site, do give a great indication of my looks.  Also from a client’s perspective….  Spending time with me as a male escort in public, would you not feel more comfortable knowing that I do not have adverts with face pictures on the internet? As I also have a busy personal life and career, I am unable to send unblurred photos for privacy reasons. 

I'm nervous about contacting you
Don't be shy, I am confident we can find a common language and put a smile on your face. Simply send me an sms  and let me know what you have in mind. Let's get a conversation going.
We can always chat over the phone when you feel comfortable.
During a session, to break the ice we can start by having a few drinks  in a relaxed atmosphere and chat and get to know one another a little bit better. Once you feel comfortable and more confident - we'll take it on from there.
I can always guide you through, but the important thing to keep in mind is that we will never do anything you are not comfortable with.
The idea is to have an enjoyable and fun time and fulfil any desires that you may have :)

Is there something you dislike with passion?
Yes, calls from SEO companies, telemarketers, guys who want to become male escorts,  people who ask for pictures ( plenty on my site here). Poor communication and late cancellations.  Besides that, I am pretty open minded and patient.

What guarantees do you offer?
Total confidentiality and discretion is assured.
Your information is closely guarded to prevent any disclosure, your privacy and anonymity are absolutely guaranteed.
I will be clean shaven and cleansed to the highest standard.
I will be dressed smartly and correctly for the occasion.
You will be the focus of my attention throughout our time together.
I will be polite and courteous at all times