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It is natural for both men and women to crave lovemaking and to have good orgasms. Unfortunately, many women aren’t able to have their own as often as they would like. There are many benefits to giving women sexual satisfaction and many times giving her oral sex is a marvelous way to help her climax.

There is something special about a woman’s vagina. Like a magnet, I feel drawn to it. I love giving oral sex to a woman and I enjoy giving her the kind of sensual pleasure she desires. Pleasing a woman makes me happy and I feel good.

I like introducing different experiences into lovemaking because women, as well as men, want a variety. I know women aren’t always very vocal about how much they like something or how they appreciate when a man does lead them to orgasms; they may show their pleasure in different ways. Sometimes, it is the look in their eyes or how they act that shows it.

It makes a man feel good to know he is one who helps her achieve sexual gratification. Even if they aren’t in a permanent relationship, she knows he cares enough to perform cunnilingus especially for her. He took the time to learn what she likes and doesn’t like, when maybe someone else wouldn’t.

It is rewarding to slowly lead her into the sex act. Light and soft caresses and rubs awaken her to further sexual arousal. Kisses and licks get her ready and her clothes are slowly coming off. Her scent is delicious as it comes from her wet and slightly gooey vagina and my mouth starts to water as I anticipate what’s coming next.

When she is hot, wet, ready and demanding attention I lead her down into whatever position seems right at the moment. I really like having her elevated so that her butt isn’t flat on the bed. Pillows or my hands lift her so that she is high enough and I can see both her vagina and her butt in front of my face. 

I usually prefer to use cushions or pillows so that my hands are free to spread her lips or do other things but I also like using my hands to prop her up. The feel of her firm but soft bottom resting in my grip is nice and it gives a certain control over the situation that I believe is beneficial to both her and myself.

Something I have always liked about performing oral sex for women is the reactions they have when they become excited. Their breathing changes and they become warm all over. Sometimes little sounds escape them as they breathe and they make little moans or other noises.

When they are really feeling good, women tend to rub their vaginas in my face. It is like they can’t wait to have their sexual release. They want me to finish them and do it now.

There is so much that I love about giving women good oral sex, I cannot describe it at once.



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