Many women will agree that sex has never been the same since men stopped being selfish in bed. Even the number of women who get orgasms has significantly increased according to the salon conversations we have been having. It was always about men having the release then falling asleep like a log next to you. The many times we wished we could suffocate them with a pillow are endless. The truth is not every guy is a master in oral sex, but a little practice helps them achieve this easily. Women have learned to accept and love oral sex. It is not only about the pleasure as it goes beyond that. There are many reasons why women love receiving oral sex and they include;

Moon Trip

This is the only chance we get to go to our happy place and forget everything else in the world. At that point nothing else matters and we don’t even think and at times we even forget that you are down there so that you can keep on doing what you are doing without us interrupting you. We literally take a trip to the moon and bounce about happily.

Fair deal

Since we achieved the equality status it is only fair that if I go down on you I expect you to do the same to me. We are on the same team and same boat. I have pleasured you and I want you to do the same. That does sound like a fair deal.

Easy to have an Orgasm

It is easier for most women to have an orgasm while receiving oral sex. This is because they are not thinking about anything or trying to remember if they took the birth control pill, are they on safe days and the list is endless. It is a safe experience and therefore easy to relax and allow yourself to completely go. Most women also have orgasm when their clitoris is stimulated and this is very frequent in oral sex.

Feel Appreciated

When a man goes down on a woman he takes his time to appreciate her body and everything pertaining to it. Most women love receiving oral sex because it acts as a reminder to the guy of how beautiful she really is. He is able to fully appreciate her beauty.

Stimulates and grows Sexual response

Oral sex provides the woman with the perfect chance to understand her body and respond sexually. This makes it easy for her to be satisfied sexually. It is the perfect route for her to achieve an orgasm and be satisfied sexually.

Most women grew up knowing that certain acts sexually were forbidden or dirty, but times have changed. At first she might be wary or even against the entire idea of oral sex. However, with the right environment and encouragement she might slowly open up to the whole idea and be positive about receiving oral sex. Some women also wander off mentally and their minds start focusing on other things. The proper mental preparation is all it takes after all when it comes to sex it is an art of the mind. In the end she will be very receptive of the whole act.

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