If you are looking for an excuse not to heat things up tonight in the bedroom, we have got you covered. Besides the known reasons of having sex; pleasure, love and baby making, science indicates that there are other benefits of getting intimate. Sex is good is so many other ways, here is an overview of Reasons Why Having Sex Is Good for Your Health

Strengthens the heart

Similar to any other physical activity, sex is good for the heart. Research has shown that the risk of suffering from heart attack or stroke reduces as the frequency of good orgasm increases. Most people worry about the force involved during sex that it can be a threat to the heart but analysis shows that sexual intense moments place the same demand to the heart as walking 4-6 miles an hour which is healthy for the heart.

Pain relief

Leave alone getting intimate with your partner, just looking at his or her photo can significantly help to reduce pain. Also, studies show that women who experience menstrual cramps can get some relief through a good orgasm. Therefore, any kind of pain from stomachache to headache should not be a hindrance to good sex.

Reduces stress

Good sex gives a soothing effect that is similar to the comfort offered by sugary foods when it comes to reducing stress. Researchers indicate that stress reduction occurs as sex triggers the pleasure pathways of the brain; the same one that are triggered by sweet foods. Stress relieve through sex is even more lasting.

Cancer prevention

Research shows that healthy sex reduces the risk of prostate cancer in men proportionately to the stimulation of the testicles and a good orgasm. 

Better sleep

Experts cannot explain how sex works to help improve sleep but there is almost no need to prove this as most people experience it. Therefore, do not be surprised if you and partner falls asleep immediately after the gymnastic and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Better mood

No wonder you always have a positive outlook after a good sex. Study shows improved mood is one of the benefit one experiences after sex due to the neurotransmitters that are released during sex as well as the mood enhancers contained in semen. There is a big connection between the mood of an individual after having an intimate moment with someone you care about and trust.

Glowing skin

The morning after glow is not just an imagination, one really looks better after good sex. The glow is attributed to a combination of better mood, stress relief and the flow of blood under the skin that is a natural process during arousal.

Sex burns calories

Sex is an effective body exercise and it even beats the gym depending on how physical you get. It increases the heart rate, strengthens the muscle tone and gets the whole body working. A man can burn about 101 calories while a woman burns an average of 69 calories during sex.

A healthy sex life is one of the greatest joy in life and it has major benefits to your overall health.

written by: meganawright exclusive for perthgigolo.com 



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