Protecting intellectual property online has never been that easy because there will always be copyright thieves sniffing through other people’s original content and making a duplicate of them. Well, if you happen to write articles for your blog or website or probably managing an online magazine, there are high chances that your content will be stolen at one time or another.  There are cases where people directly copy other people’s content from the various site, spin the content or slightly modify the original work before re posting the content which amounts to stealing. Again, there might cases where one can re post your content without proper attribution or might attribute the content to you but without your prior permission. While that might not be that harmful to you anyway, there might be the need to reserve your original content.  It's frustrating to deal with this type of behavior.

Google alerts

One of the best tools to use in finding out your content is being used by someone else without you prior permission is through Google alerts. The tool is simple to use and all you need is visit the Google Alerts website, copy and paste a portion of your content right there, specify the type of websites that should be scanned through provide an email address and Google will contact you upon getting the results. Another great thing about this tool is that you choose to receive as many alerts as possible by adjusting the settings in order to receive alerts on a daily or weekly basis and even alerts whenever stealing of your content happens.

CopyScape - My favorite

This is an amazing tool for those publishing a lot of content online. While getting premium results might not be free, it can help you catch the thief stealing your content which is worth the money you pay for. It’s simple, what you are only required to do is provide your website URL and copyscape will search through the internet and will come up with the results of he sites that are re posting your registered content.

Just yesterday I busted a gentleman called ‘ Max ‘ from Belgium who copied the entire content from perthgigolo.com without permission.  This person can only described as an immature thief . Can’t you write your own content ? What sort of person are you if you can’t describe yourself in an honest and genuine way.

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