Escort services are no longer only for men. More and more women are looking to hire a gigolo for his services. When we think of people who pay for sex, we think of men who cheat on their wife with prostitutes. But there is more to it than that. The needs of women are widespread; they are looking for more than just a hot guy to have sex with. They want the full package, penis and brain. Some are looking for a little adventure or the chance to fulfill long desired fantasies. Others are just looking for someone to listen to them. Some businesswomen are looking for a date to a party held by her company. Couples where the husband likes to watch the wife have sex with another man. There is no typical client and so there is no typical male escort either. Sugar Weasel, a escort located in the US, will even show up at your house in a white-bodied clown costume, if you desire that. Escorts’ age range from 20 to 70 and their body type is just as varied as their age.

To be able to open up most women require a man that is capable of having an interesting conversation. Someone that is not just looking to please their bodies but also their minds. This is the reason they need their brain more than their penis. A man who is not interested in having a meaningful conversation will have difficulties making his client feel comfortable enough to move on to the sex part.

While female escorts charge by the hour, most male escorts offer packages that involve at least two hours. For most women the conversation is part of the foreplay. But they also want to receive affection. A good male escort has to be good at listening and needs to understand what his client needs. Even better, understand their stories. Those good at their job aren’t just great in bed, they also can be a friend. A good half an hour is usually spent talking and connecting. A lot of clients are looking for a way to increase their self-confidence. So it is important that a male escort makes the woman feel desirable, but not just their bodies.

Perth Gigolo Manny offers the option to exchange text messages before setting up a meeting. This is to ease nervousness and answer any questions a potential client might have. While this is a job for the male escort, he knows he needs to make his client feel special.

It is easy to tell the good escorts from the bad ones. Those that are just looking for ways to satisfy their sex drive. If they meet a client they aren’t attracted to they fail. Instead good escorts need to be able to take pleasure and joy from pleasing their clients. Gigolos aren’t just good looking sex hungry guys, a lot of them are very intelligent.

With the Fifty Shades of Grey boom there are now plenty of women looking for that experience and often turn to escorts to fulfil this fantasy.

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