Hiring a male escort has always been a fantasy to me. The opportunity has never presented itself though, and I have not gone out seeking such an adventure. There is such a stigma behind escorts and such cruelty behind the nickname “hookers”. But I know, deep down, that these men and women just need companionship like me.

I decided to embark upon this opportunity.

I started on a website I found that has plenty of ads for male or female escorts. I choose a male

Escort from Perth for the weekend. As I begin texting him, I feel myself getting anxious and

my hands are beginning to shake. Halfway through my introduction, I delete it all and close the page. I got about my evening, but the male escort thought is still in the back of my mind.

Before bed, I decided to follow through. I went to the same page and the same escort and began writing again… Hello, my name is …. I’m looking for a male escort for the evening of ……. Would you be available? I found your profile enticing and your look is attractive. I am interested in going to dinner and then having sex after. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

I sent it this time. I must have refreshed the page ten times but he wrote back within a couple of hours. Yes, I would love to meet you and fulfill your needs on that particular evening. See you then.

Oh my gosh! Is this really happening?!?

The day quickly approached. I put on my best spring dress. It was short and covered in flowers. The back was open and tied in the middle. I put on my pearls and a pair of heels to give the innocent housewife look. I shaved my entire body and was ready for the evening. We met at dinner

and had a casual conversation. This Perth Gigolo was very nice. He was tall and dressed in a collared shirt and jeans. He was more handsome then his profile depicted and his eloquence with words had me gushing and lustful.

I decided the time was right and we went back to a local hotel for post-dinner festivities.  He asked what I wanted him to do to me and, although I had a list in my mind, I couldn’t think of anything in the moment. I told him I wanted him to pleasure me to the max.

He started by kissing me gently. As we kissed, I felt his hand slip down the top of my dress and touch my breast. He flicked my nipples around and I could feel myself getting aroused quickly.

After a few minutes, he pulled his hand out and went up the bottom of my skirt. I had

chosen not to wear panties but he didn’t seem to be the least bit surprised by this. He gently touched the folds of my lips. Rubbing and caressing for what seemed like five minutes. Before he was even near my pussy hole I was dripping wet. Instinctively, I began rubbing his cock with my hand. It was already hard and I could tell he was quite large. He laid me down on the bed and started eating me out. It felt marvelous and I came rather quickly.

Next thing I knew, he was taking off his pants and sliding his hard cock into me. I wrapped my arms around him and begged for him to go  deeper. Harder. Faster.

I closed my eyes and felt the rush and waves of  cumming. Soon after, he climaxed too.

We laid there for several minutes catching our breath. He said, “Wow, that was really wonderful.”

As he got dressed to leave, I felt a little sad that it had to end. But I knew he would be back. I knew I would hire him, again…

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