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I am  good looking (Ex Photo model) and have soulful blue eyes. Slim built, athletic with nice skin. Clean shaven. Mature,  6.2ft tall, smart in appearance and impeccably groomed. I do have an Austrian background and sound  a bit like Arnie; yes I can say I'll be back! I am in my early forties, and while I still attract my fair share of feminine attention, I could never be classified as a “Toy-Boy.” But if you are looking for a high quality experience that is both sensually and intellectually satisfying, I may just become your favorite companion. Whether you are interested in male event companionship, or just want to be pampered, I will provide you with the right arrangement, tailored to your individual desires.Above all, I will be your charming Courtesan. My greatest passion is to pamper and indulge. Let’s share an evening of amorous pleasure, a harmonious interplay of intellect and erotica.
Hi, I am a well-educated and fun loving man with a strong sense of adventure. I prefer ladies with mature sensibilities. I think they are wiser and more refined. I also like to see a woman smile and hear them laugh. That is why I strive to always please them with intelligent good humour. My strong sense of confidence and varied experience as an escort can carry us through any setting and situation.
I am always respectful, and common courtesy is something that I value highly. It doesn't take a lot to be a decent human being.
I always try to be a gentleman in this modern world. I am not overly opinionated, and I love mature and smart women, and I think quirky women are a wonder. We can discuss any topic you like, or you can just talk and I will listen, I will give you all my attention.
I can give you the perfect date, the more unique it is, and the more memorable it will be. I can be an old friend, the sensual lover or the professional male escort. We can be the perfect fit and I may be the guide you've been looking for. Start your adventure with me over good laughs and rich coffee, I can make you comfortable in a flash, you don't have to be shy around me, and I am all yours in this adventure.

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A discerning man appreciates the lengths that ladies go to look their finest. However, it is not about your dress size, hairstyle, or clothing labels. Just like men, women come in all sizes, proportions and appearances. In point-of-fact , the person 'inside' you is one that I look toward such as having an engaging smile, romantic persona, easy laugh, common sense and a down-to-earth mannerism... THAT... is what makes you irresistible.

  • Height: 189 cm
  • Weight:  87 kg
  • Hair: short brown
  • Eye colour: blue
  • Body: Slim /  Fully waxed
  • Well endowed:  8 inch 

I know that a real woman’s needs go beyond the physical aspect when it comes to men. It is more of receiving genuine attention and engaging in activities with a safe, charming, non-judgmental gentleman with whom you can be yourself, discover and learn new things, and most importantly enjoy your time together in a safe and discreet environment
I have been doing escorting for several years and therefore full of enthusiasm for my work and I am very much looking forward to meeting mature ladies who will appreciate my warm and caring personality.  I am a generous, kind man and always show a great deal of respect for my clients and everyone I meet.

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